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31 January 2004 @ 01:40 am
carfty type musings.  
So I have spent the past couple of hours working on my new scarf. It is quite lovely. Bernat came out with this yarn called Boa, and it is kinda fluffy and sorta looks like feathers. Not only does it make neat looking tassels, it looks really nice when you crochet with it. and it comes in great colours. I am using Phoenix which is orange-red-rust. It looks so firey, I just love it.

I am thinking of making one out of Peacock, a nice blue-green, for a certain person on my friends list, who's birthday is coming soon and has a thing for scarves. Also thinking of making one out of Parrot , an amazing purple-red combination, for her sister. I wish I had time and money to make one for everyone on my flist. They are just so fluffy and soft and wonderful that everyone should have one.

Next scarf I want to make is a Harry Potter one. Just one question, does anyone know what the colours are for Ravenclaw?

There is something about crocheting that makes me think I'm in a Jane Austen novel, don't ask me why. There is something so old and historic about it I guess. And as much as I would want to be Elizabeth Bennet, I know deep down I'm more like Jane at best, Kitty at worst.
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