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07 February 2004 @ 12:28 pm
Because I am a lemming  

1. Elijah's eyes or Billy's eyes:
As much as I love Billy, I have this serious fetish for Elijah's eyes, always have.

2. Dom or Billy:
Depnds on what I was going to use them for :) But don't they come as a package deal?

3. Viggo or Orlando:
Viggo all the way baby!

4. Elijah or Sean Astin:
Elijah because he makes me go Guh! And besides, have you seen The Ice Storm?

5. Dom's smile or Billy's smile:
Six of one, half dozen of the other.

6. (Frodo & Sam) or (Merry & Pippin):
Merry and Pippin

7. Legolas or Aragorn:
Aragorn because, well elves don't really do it for me.

8. FOTR, TTT or ROTK (movie):
Return of the King

9. FOTR, TTT or ROTK (book):
The Two Towers, because Rohan and the Ents.

10. Hobbit feet or elf ears:
Without a doubt hobbit feet.

11. Elves, hobbits, or dwarves:
Can't decide between hobbits and dwarves.

12. Rivendell, Mirkwood or Lothlorien:

13. Gandalf or Saruman:
Gandalf of course

14. Arwen, Galadriel, Rosie or Eowyn:
Eowyn and Galadriel.

15. Nazgul or The Ents:
The Ents, because well, I love trees

16. Into The West, May It Be or Steward Of Gondor:
Into the West because it makes me cry everytime I hear it and I love Annie Lennox

17. Gollum or Grima:
Grima because he is so slimey and snakey

18. King Theoden or Denethor:
Like you have to ask the Rohan Whore-bit this, Theoden of course

19. Minas Tirith or Minas Morgul:
Minas Tirith.

20. FOTR commentary or TTT commentary:
TTT because it has Billy and Dom and Bernard and Miranda.

21. Elijah's butt or Dom's butt:
Dom's butt, most definetly

22. Haldir or Elrond:

23. Eomer or Faramir:
Eomer, Eomer, Eomer. He could ride me any day

24. Gondor or Rohan:
Rohan, duh.

25. (Aragorn & Arwen) or (Eowyn & Faramir):
Eowyn & Faramir because they actually seem like a real couple.

26. Liv or Miranda:
Miranda Miranda, Miranda

27. Andy, Lawrence, or Sala:
Sala, Sala, Sala

28. Hobbiton or Bucklebury:

29. David or Karl:
Karl because, damn!

30. The Green Dragon or The Prancing Pony:
The Green Dragon.
Mood: awakeawake
Music: Emerald Rose "Fire in the Head"